Internet Democracy

use tricaster 855 to stream video

For livestreaming with instant replay streamstar offers a new all in one box solution.

The best way to create produce and edit video in real time and stream it online with one click is using a Tricaster. Basic internet democracy starts with streaming video online. With a tricaster you can upload video and stream in real time using three or more cameras. The best feature is the one click streaming feature that will upload your video to youtube or any other live streaming service. The 855 also allows for green screen production if you want to broadcast news relating to democracy. Here at democracy guard we feature all the high technology tools you need for internet freedom. You can record up to 50 hours of video on the tricaster if you do not broadcast over the internet live. This is great for post production editing later as your workflow will be easy. Easily key the green screen using one of 30 free virtual sets. Plus the newest feature is 360 video. This allows you to use recorded video as your virtual set when you are using a green screen. The top of the line unit the Tricaster 8000 allows for 8 channels of 1080P video.



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