Nomination of SCOTUS

The republicans have come out and admitted that the refusal to even let the Obama SCOTUS nomination even go to committee is political payback.  Ironically this president has operated less by a political chess match and more by reaction to right wing obstruction than past executives.

Clearly the right doesn’t want to allow a democratic President to make an appointment that will flip the partisan strength of the court. After all the cries about activist judges the right has proven that this is what is really important to them.  Even at the risk of the sovereignty of American democracy they would rather damage that over risk losing control of this 3rd branch of government.

The white house signaled they had a possible nominee who is republican but the congress still said they wouldn’t even consider hearings.  Of course this was a republican who was pro-choice and very centralist, so much so he probably couldn’t run for office again.

The issue comes down to our democracy and at what lengths politics can threaten the balance and rule of law in an effort for power and control